Saint Timothy Catholic Church

Contact Us

Question or comment? Please either complete the following information below, call us at 703-378-7646 or email We have also listed our clergy and staff contact information below. God Bless!

Parish Office Hours:

Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


    Rev. James Searby
    Rev. James Searby Parochial Vicar
    Rev. Charles Pavlick
    Rev. Charles Pavlick Parochial Vicar
    Rev. Sunny Joseph
    Rev. Sunny Joseph Parochial Vicar
    Dcn. Gerard-Marie Anthony
    Dcn. Gerard-Marie Anthony Deacon


    Sr. Emelita, SNDS
    Sr. Emelita, SNDS Assistant DRE
    Francisco de Brey
    Francisco de Brey Director of Finance
    Deacon Anthony
    Deacon Anthony Director of Religious Education (DRE)
    Fr. Charles Pavlick
    Fr. Charles Pavlick Director of Youth Ministry
    Nick Stangler
    Nick Stangler Facilities Technician
    Terri Miller
    Terri Miller Parish Ministry Coordinator
    Anne Marie Vivirito
    Anne Marie Vivirito Parish Secretary

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