Holy Eucharist

The Eucharist is the center of our faith—the “source and summit” of what we believe and practice as Catholics.

Guidelines for the reception of Holy Communion

Please contact the parish office for information on how to prepare to receive First Communion. Second graders spend the year preparing to make their First Holy Communion in the spring. Adults should contact the parish office for specific details and explore the RCIA program.

Our mission is to bring a bit of God’s green creation inside the church, to remind ourselves and the parish of the beauty of His wonderful gifts. Surrounding our tabernacle and sanctuary with graceful plants/flowers adds visual splendor to our holiest place and spotlights our faith in the Real Presence. We work every Friday morning after the 9 o’clock mass and are usually finished by 10:30 AM.

We welcome both men and women with plant skills, since we regularly receive help from husbands and other male volunteers as needed.

Contact: Terri Miller tmiller@sttimothyparish.org

Contact: Ann Beckham 571-643-5732 or annbeckham913@yahoo.com

Altar servers (4th-12th grade) assist the priest by preparing the vessels for the altar and aiding the celebrant with liturgical functions. For information concerning training sessions, please call the parish office.

Contact: Pete and Janet Reyda jreyda@sttimothyparish.org or Jessica Kurtis jkurtis@sttimothyparish.org

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and elsewhere as needed. They are appointed by the Bishop at the discretion of the Pastor and follow a three year schedule.

Contact: Deacon Jim Hepler 703-969-1103 or deaconhepler@sttimothyparish.org

The Ministry of Lector is a layperson’s special privilege of proclaiming the “Word of God” both Daily and during the Weekend Masses. During the Mass, the Lector normally proclaims the Word by reading from the Lectionary. The first reading is traditionally from the Old Testament or one of Saint Paul’s Epistles; the second reading is usually from the New Testament. Additionally, the Lector will generally read the Prayer of the Faithful or the Intercessions if a Deacon is not present.

Contact: Greg D Luczyk 571-432-8381 or gregsbridge@gmail.com

The Usher’s Ministry at St. Timothy’s Church helps welcome and ensure the comfort and safety of parishioners at Holy Mass. We are often the first face incoming Mass attendees see when arriving at Church. While Ushers have a number of specific pre- and during-Mass duties, we attempt to enthusiastically and warmly greet and assist parishioners and strive to provide an excellent, safe, and comfortable setting for everyone prior to and during the celebration of Mass.

Usher Volunter Form

Lead Usher for each Mass

Usher Procedures

More Information

Contact: George Stalcup 703-830-4798 (home) / 703-732-8742 (cell) or ghstalcup@cox.net


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