Your Path to Jesus Christ and His Church

If a person desires to know Jesus Christ and join his Church, the normal process is to contact your local Catholic parish and join the preparation group that will lead them through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – the RCIA. (There are similar programs for teens and children.)

Every Fall the parish begins a new group for the RCIA and after months of prayer, classes, reading, studying, visits, interviews, and many other steps the Church brings these new members in at the Easter Vigil Mass. (This is the Mass on the Saturday before Easter Sunday that usually begins at 8:30 PM and can go as long as two-and-a-half hours! But don’t worry – it is a beautiful and memorable celebration.)

Now, in the course of life in the parish, people arrive after the RCIA has already begun, sometimes months later. This does not mean that they cannot join the Church – far from it. It just means that these people will begin preparation in a new cycle of RCIA that may begin in January and not be finished until July. Our parish is bringing people into the Church throughout the year, though particularly at Easter. But we are not confined by the calendar and welcome anyone at anytime to come join us.

If you wish to join the Church, or maybe you are just curious about the Faith and want to test the waters, please contact the parish office and we will help you begin your path – your path to Jesus Christ and His Church!


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