Devotionals and Resources

Have you checked out our great list of Devotionals and Resources lately?

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SECOND: Something different and awesome
We are trying something totally different. Flocknotes be sending an email once-a-month to you on our special theme for 2016: Evangelization. We’re simply calling it THE CATHOLIC LIST. Each once-a-month email I send you will include:

An exclusive and valuable totally free gift for you (i.e. a high quality audio book, video, talk or other downloadable resource to help evangelization).

A video interview with a top evangelizer in our country. (We are going to learn from some people who are doing evangelization really well!)

Just by joining at any of the links above, you’ll be added to THE CATHOLIC LIST automatically and will receive these free gifts once-a-month.

WE’RE BACK folks…and 2016 is going to be outstanding. Please check out and SHARE the links above. Everything kicks off on Jan 4, 2016, so let’s get as many people on board before then!


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