Challenge Girls Weekly Meetings

Question of the Week
The Challenge curriculum is based off the questions girls have about God, their faith, the world, and themselves. The theme for each week is a question. The weekly activity gives the team leader a path to lead the team down and discover the answer to the question of the week.

Grounded in the Catechism
First, they turn to the YOUCAT to find a solid catechetical answer to the question. Then the team leader goes through the 6 parts of the Challenge weekly meeting where they gain a better understanding of the question of the week. Challenge has a virtue centered curriculum, encouraging the kids to put their faith into action each week. We take this 1 step further by encouraging the girls to live a virtue of the month and get to know the life of a saint each month.

Hundreds of Games and Activities
Each weekly meeting has at least 1 game, activity, or experience; relevant video clips; a gospel reflection to find how Jesus answered the question, and at least 1 saint or story of someone who discovered the answer in their own life.

6 parts to the Challenge weekly meeting


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