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St. Timothy’s Music Ministry provides many opportunities for our parishioners to share their musical gift from God with others. Whether you participate in the Liturgy of the Mass through our Volunteer Cantor Program, enhance praise and worship through our Choral Program, or even entertain fellow parishioners at our numerous events throughout the year, the Music Ministry will provide you a home away from home and a great avenue for fellowship. Please read more about who we are and what we do below!

Our Volunteer Cantor Program provides parishioners with the opportunity to participate directly in the Liturgy of the Mass, while also leading the congregation in song and praise. With six Masses every weekend, holy days and other special rites, there are plenty of opportunities to share the gift God gave you back with your parish! If you join our cantor roster, you can dictate your availability, whether you would like to sing as often as every week or as little as a few times a year. If you would like to audition for our Volunteer Cantor Program, please contact Jon Laird at 703-814-7992 or

Our beloved CHOIR provided the music for two Masses at the Nation Shrine. The Masses, which took place in the Crypt Church, were taped for later broadcast for the sick and shut in. The Mass / Broadcast dates are:
August 6th 2017: The Transfiguration
August 20th 2017: The 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Choral Program here at St. Timothy is an integral part of the overall Music Program for the parish. Our choral season runs from Labor Day weekend through the Feast of Corpus Christi each year. Currently, the adult choirs sing at the 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Masses each week, and provide expanded programs for Christmas (e.g. Lessons & Carols) and Holy Week/Easter.

However, the choral program isn’t just about singing at Mass! We learn and perform non-liturgical music at various parish events such as our annual Mother’s Day Broadway Buffet, and in upcoming seasons we plan to prepare and perform choral concerts featuring both religious and secular pieces.

Don’t fret if you cannot commit to singing every week! We welcome any and all parishioners, ages 18 and up, to join us at any time. Even if you can only sing once a month or just want to participate during the holidays, our doors are always open.

As our program continues to grow, we hope to provide a variety of additional choral opportunities, such as a youth choir that sings weekly or bi-weekly.

For more information about our Choral Program, please contact Jon Laird at 703-814-7992 or

We are blessed to have a brand new organ as of Summer 2014! The church organ provides the foundation of our music liturgy and serves as an integral part of any church. In early 2013, an organ committee was formed to begin planning for the future of this critical component of our music program. This group of dedicated individuals, which included our music ministers and other outside organists familiar with our parish and diocese, concluded that while our prior organ served the parish well for almost twenty years, it was well overdue for retirement.

After weighing options ranging from full pipes to pipe-digital combinations and full digital organs, the committee concluded that a full digital organ would best suit the physical space and parish budget. After much investigation, evaluation, and deliberation, the Allen Organ Company, who provided the organ for the papal visit to Washington D.C. 2008, was selected to build and install our new organ. Allen Organ instruments have a long history of quality, durability and longevity, and the local Allen Organ team has installed and serviced organs throughout the Diocese of Arlington for many years. Our hope is that this new instrument will serve the parish for several decades to come.
Our custom designed, three-manual, curved French terrace console built by Allen Organ is truly one-of-a-kind! A French style console was chosen for both its aesthetic quality and enormous practicality in a music ministry setting. The overall concept and high level design for the console was proposed by our principal organist, and the Allen Organ team ran with it, far exceeding our expectations with this project. Our organ is the first curved console ever built by Allen Organ, and they are just as enthralled and excited about it as we are here at St. Timothy! We hope to work with Allen Organ on ushering in a new era of organs.

However, the console is only one part of the instrument! Being a fully digital organ, there are many electronic components, including a vast array of speakers, that are required produce high fidelity organ sounds. Our goal with the new organ is to fill the entire church with beautiful, balanced music in such a way that every person in the church receives an equal experience of tonal quality and volume. It is to this end that we have constructed new speaker enclosures at the front of the church. These enclosures, located above Stations 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, and 14, are constructed of the same wood as the rest if the building, and will be covered with a speaker cloth specifically chosen to match the brick facade. In addition, there will be speakers placed around the back of the church to help fill the space more completely.

For those who wonder why this number of speakers is required, it is because each speaker has a unique purpose as a component of the entire instrument. Just as a pipe organ has many different types and sizes of pipes to produce a variety of sounds, our digital organ has many different speakers, each producing a unique combination of sounds. All together, the speakers form the full organ. And don’t worry, many speakers does not mean it will be too loud! Our principal organist will be working very closely with the Allen Organ team to appropriately balance the instrument within our church. The Allen Organ team is top notch — the technician leading our installation is the same one who serviced the organ for the papal visit in 2008!

The installation of our new organ was scheduled completed in time for Labor Day weekend 2014.

For more information about our organ, please go to and

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Jon Laird
Director of Music and Choral Conductor
703-814-7992 or


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