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The Pro-Life Group helps to foster awareness about the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death. They organize many activities throughout the year to pray for an end to abortion, including the annual March for Life in DC and 40 Days for Life. They also raise money and collect baby items throughout the year to aid crisis pregnancy centers and recipients of the Adopt a family Christmas program.

Baby Saved!

We have confirmed a baby saved last Saturday when Kim Kenna came out. Here’s the link of Kim relating the change of heart.

Here is the Facebook link, you don’t have to be registered on Facebook to view:

Virginia Bishops’ Statement on U.S. Senate’s Failure to Pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

This joint statement has been issued by Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington, and Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout, Bishop of Richmond:

We are deeply dismayed and astounded that the U.S. Senate has failed to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 311). It is a matter of common sense and basic human decency to require, as S. 311 would have, that any health care practitioner present when a child is born alive following an abortion give the same degree of care to preserve the life and health of the child as would be given to any other newborn. That this bill did not pass unanimously – let alone pass at all – is appalling and beyond comprehension. We are dismayed and outraged that Virginia’s U.S. Senators Warner and Kaine voted against this critical lifesaving legislation.

We urge the Senate to reconsider its decision as soon as possible.

Bishop Burbidge responds to Governor Northam’s extreme abortion comments

Since the beginning of the Virginia General Assembly session on January 9, we have witnessed the introduction of extreme abortion legislation culminating in an attempt to pass a law similar to what New York recently passed. This bill rightfully failed—but I am, along with so many people of good will, distraught that this bill was introduced in the first place. It could have paved the way for babies to suffer a violent and gruesome death moments before birth and could have been harmful to women.

My hope is that this bill failed because the elected officials of the state legislature recognized that it was an evil and impermissible offense to human life and our collective decency. Abortion of a baby in the final stage of pregnancy borders on infanticide. Our governor, however, may be willing to cross that border and go even farther. In a staggering admission, Governor Northam stated that after an infant is delivered, the mother and the family should keep the baby comfortable, resuscitate the child “if that’s what the mother and the family desired,” and “a discussion would ensue.” This attitude—and the bill that was defeated this week—reflects a new level of deep-rooted animus against the inherent goodness of every child. The governor’s statement and this bill demonstrate how far abortion advocates are willing to go in taking the life of a precious child.

This is a critical moment in the life of our Church and our society. I call on the faithful and people of good will to advocate for the right to life of all people, including the unborn and those children whose lives are at risk even during the process of birth. In Virginia, with the assistance of the Virginia Catholic Conference, we must make our views known to our elected officials on all issues where the right to life is at stake.

Through the Diocese of Arlington, we continue to offer assistance to expectant families in need and those who are suffering after an abortion. Families who need help should contact the diocesan Office of Marriage, Family and Respect Life:

To learn more about the failed abortion legislation as well as other extreme public policy proposals before the Virginia General Assembly, read the most recent VoterVoice Post (published 1/30/19) by Jeff Caruso, Executive Director of the Virginia Catholic Conference:

March for Life 2019

October 2018 – In a first for the Diocese, a single Mass honored both Respect Life Month and Disabilities Awareness Month on Respect Life Sunday. In his homily below, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge highlights the Catholic Church’s teaching on the sanctity of all life — including those with special needs.

“Sadly, we live in a nation where the poor, the weak, the elderly, the inmate, the immigrant and persons with disabilities are not always afforded the dignity that is theirs as children of God; and it is to this world that we are sent as messengers of the Gospel of Life.”
—Bishop Burbidge

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