Apostolic Service

American Red Cross Blood Drives are held regularly at the parish. For information on upcoming dates, email Peter Grau to be added to the notification list. For eligibility information, please go to: http://www.redcrossblood.org/donating-blood/eligibility-requirements.

St. Timothy Outreach Craft Group is an organization established to provide support and encouragement to its members through our Catholic faith. We use our God given talents to create crafts that are sold at the St. Timothy Craft Fair with the proceeds donated to a food bank in Wyoming County, West Virginia. However, no craft experience is necessary to come and enjoy the meetings.

Crafters meet each Tuesday morning from 10 am- noon in the McGivney room. Currently they are working on a variety of crafts to be sold in November at the craft fair.

Contact: Eileen Chambers at 703-378-7054 or e-mail jandechambers@verizon.net

First chartered in 1986, the Ladies Auxiliary Chapter of St. Timothy Catholic Church’s main purpose is to support the church and the Knights of Columbus (KOC) in its endeavors and activities throughout the year, helping to build ties with the church community and also with the local community.

Our goal is to promote the Catholic faith, family, fellowship, charitable, spiritual, and social enrichment among all women of the parish and it’s KOC Council.

Membership is open to any practicing Catholic female 18 years of age or older. Members must be the wife, mother, unmarried sister, or unmarried daughter of a deceased or living member in good standing of the Knights of Columbus. Associate Members must be practicing Catholics of the St. Timothy Parish.

Join us! Help us to support the church in its upcoming events, as well as our and the Knights of Columbus’ upcoming activities.

We hold monthly meetings every 1st Thursday of the month in the Multipurpose Room at 7:30 PM.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Joanne Wiser, 703-477-4534; jswiser@msn.com

Linda Bayer, 703-851-7647; labayer1@verizon.net:
Iris Salcewicz. 703-378-5372; isalcewicz@gmail.com

Francesca Connor, 703-963-0961; frannienmike@gmail.com

Currently Empty

Sylvia Cota, 703-817-1716; jasfcota@cox.net
Carolyn Yehl 703-830-0150; carolyn.yehl@gmail.com


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