Facility Improvement Capital Campaign
Commonly Asked Questions

Capital Campaign Architect’s Drawing

Why is our parish conducting a capital campaign?

  • A brochure was mailed out to all families in the Fall of 2015 explaining major elements of the facility improvement capital campaign and it explains why this campaign is necessary. Please click here to view it. A few of the reasons are:
    • We’ll have improved gathering areas for special talks or receptions, as well as more meeting spaces for our growing ministries.
    • The Chapel improvements will create an even more inspiring setting for prayer and easier access for our disabled.
    • As a parish, we have capital needs that are beyond the funding ability of our offertory operational budget. Many of our facilities are over 40 years old and need significant updating.
  • While we have parish reserve funds, we do not want to deplete them as funds may be needed for unanticipated maintenance, repair, or operational expenses.There are also existing designated reserve funds to improve the safety and security for the school building where the religious education and school children enter the building. That capital project will be finished in early Fall 2016 and is unrelated to this capital campaign.
  • Father Weymes and the Finance Council initiated this campaign to raise $3.5 million in funds specifically for this facility improvement/expansion.This was for pledges payable over three years.

Are the plans in the brochure the finalized plans?

  • The current building design may have some updates made before implementation. Please click here to view the latest plans. We are very pleased with the end result and feel it will best serve the mission of the Parish. This redesigned building will enable us to better minister to people of all ages, including our youth. We will be able to have improved gathering areas for special talks or receptions and the Chapel improvements will make a better setting to pray.

When would the work start on the renovations and or construction?

  • Father Weymes hopes that work could begin in 2017. Having nearly completed this design, we are about to enter the construction document phase. We are working with the diocesan construction office and county on the construction schedule. We will give as much notice as possible to all parish groups and will provide a plan for facility use during construction.

Does the Diocese support this effort?

  • Yes, the Diocese is fully supportive of our plans and has given approval for this facility improvement capital campaign. Diocesan staff has been working with the parish in finalizing the plans and will work with us through the duration of this project.

Is this pledge unique from parish offertory and other collections?

  • Yes, you are asked to give prayerful thought to a pledge that could be made and is beyond your normal giving to the parish offertory and other collections like the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal, as giving to these other areas will continue to be needed.

How are pledged funds handled?

  • All pledge payments are handled confidentially. All pledge payments are deposited and then added to our campaign account which currently receives 2.75% interest.

How should I make my pledge and payments?

  • Please click here to view our Pledge Process Guide.

Is a downpayment required with my pledge?

  • Many families have started their pledge with a downpayment of 10% or more.That is totally up to the circumstances of each family and what you want to do.

Will we be able to pay this pledge via Faith Direct or gifts of appreciated stock?

  • Yes, our Faith Direct webpage is now set up for people to register their monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payments.
  • Gifts of Stock and/or mutual funds may also be used to make a pledge.

Can I pay my pledge payments with a credit card?

  • Yes, you can make payments using a credit card if you use Faith Direct.

Can my employer match my pledge?

  • Yes, if your employer has a gift matching program, please speak to them about this possibility as it raises the pledge substantially. We already have received a $25,000 pledge that was matched by an employer to raise the pledge to $50,000!

What are the diocesan needs shown in the campaign brochure and why are we supporting them?

  • This strategic funding effort is called Partners United in the Heart of Christ ~Leadership Initiative 2015.
  • Father Weymes and the Parish Finance Council committed to assist Bishop Loverde with financial support to strengthen our diocesan church prior to a new bishop likely being named in the next year.
  • These needs are for endowment funds, capital, and/or special projects that are beyond the normal operational funds of the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal.Some include the Priest’s Pension Fund, Diocesan Tuition Assistance, capital needs for the diocese’s three older high schools, diocesan-wide evangelization programs, the San Damiano Spiritual Life Center, Respect Life Programs, and Catholic Charities.
  • More details are at: http://www.arlingtondiocese.org/giving/Leadership_Initiative_2015.aspx

Additional questions may be directed to our Business Manager, Francisco de Brey. Building design questions may be directed to fellow
parishioner Len Rice.
Mary Peters or Al Rickard, fellow parishioners, are volunteering as chairs for this campaign.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your pledge of support!


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